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We innovate

Population growth, urbanization, the electrification of transport and the digitization of our societies are contributing to an unprecedented increase in the demand for materials leading to an irreversible depletion of our natural resources.

With global warming and the need for a new energy paradigm, our industries are facing new challenges, but these challenges also offer opportunities for our scientists and engineers to dedicate their talent, their passion and their efforts to the development of sustainable real-life solutions.

Building upon recognized know-how, and in collaboration with various partners, we actively pursue the development of new products, technologies, processes, services and applications, autonomously as well as within the framework of research projects supported by regional, national and supra-national authorities.

To support its innovation activities as close as possible to its partners (customers, universities, research centers), Silox has three R&D centers and five centers of excellence, distributed by specialty all around the world.

Our R&D centers essentially focus on the development of new products and innovative processes using, when appropriate, novel technologies. In these centers, we are looking for both incremental and disruptive innovations.

Our Centers of Excellence offer hands-on service to our customers to help them optimize the use they make of our products. In many cases, this close collaboration makes it possible to jointly develop the solutions best suited to their needs.

Coordination, regular exchanges and collaboration between these different centers and external partners guarantee that we stay at the forefront of innovation in our areas of expertise and that our clients get the products and services they deserve.

Sulphur & zinc chemistry

Our chemical platform relies on one research center in India and five centers of excellence organized as follows:

Belgium (Engis)

  • Tissue Paper
    & Fibre Regeneration
  • Tires & Rubber

Canada (Quebec)
Graphic Papers

India (Vadodara)

  • Textile
  • Zinc derivatives
    (non rubber)

Anticorrosion pigments

The development of increasingly effective anti-corrosion solutions with minimal environmental impact is the specialty of our dedicated research center in France (SNCZ, Bouchain).

Recycling of metal-bearing complex residues

The study of new ways of recovering non-ferrous metals from complex secondary materials by hydro- or pyro-metallurgical processes is carried out by our research center in Belgium (Hydrometal, Engis).

We grow

At Silox, we are convinced that a company is not only defined by the products and services it offers, however relevant they may be, but also by the ambitions it sets itself.

The group is the heir to a long history, and has always met the challenges along the way with success, thanks to the ambition of its management and of its shareholders and the competence of its teams. It is this strong heritage that pushes the company to look realistically, but with determination, towards the future. We are constantly searching for new partnerships or acquisition opportunities to consolidate our activities.

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