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Silox is headquartered in Engis (Belgium) and operates subsidiaries in Canada, France, Germany, India, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.

Silox is 60% owned by Cybelle, a holding company under Belgian law, and 40% by Prayon, the leading European producer of purified phosphoric acid and one of the main players in the field of phosphate salts.

Our vision

Our vision at Silox is for a chemical and non-ferrous metals industry that meets society’s needs without causing harm.

Our mission

Our mission at Silox is therefore to drive our whole organization towards a circular economy in a sustainable way.

Our values

At Silox, what drives us in our mission is deeply rooted in our core values :


Safety is at the heart of our concerns, at all times, in all our actions and all our decisions.


As our vision and our mission imply, we feel it is our responsibility to consider all our actions in terms of sustainable development. We strive to reduce the short- and long-term impact of our operations and to provide sustainable solutions to our customers. Learn more


Respect is the basis of everything. At Silox, we ensure that all our actions are carried out with respect for our customers, our suppliers, and our partners, as well as for society at large. We pay particular attention to our employees by working for their well-being and fulfilment, by cultivating a healthy work-life balance, and by promoting active participation, respectful relationships in the workplace, team spirit and creativity.


Remaining at the cutting edge of innovation in our areas of expertise is one of the strengths of our corporate strategy. We are constantly working, together with various partners, to develop and improve our products, technologies, and working methods. Learn more


Driven by our desire to establish long-term relationships with our customers and to be considered a preferred value-added partner, we have set ourselves the goal of satisfying their expectations efficiently. Our international structure is an undeniable asset that allows us to provide global and coordinated solutions to meet the demands of a clientele that spans the entire planet.

Key figures

Group turnover
(2022, in million euro)
Production sites
(in 6 countries)
Centers of excellence
(for application development & service support)
R&D centres
(for innovation in products & processes)

Our branches

A dynamic group in constant expansion

Silox is made up of several companies which benefit from considerable autonomy, a source of responsibility and motivation.

We are developing technical and commercial synergies between the different subsidiaries of the group to improve our performance and to position ourselves as a key player on a global scale.

In order to consolidate our activities, we are constantly looking for new partnerships and opportunities to make acquisitions.

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