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Looking to the future

Dedicated industrial equipment and laboratory

SILOX demonstrates its expertise in the vulcanization and characterization of rubbers

The SILOX group has the ability to test under real conditions the industrial development of elastomers, covering the whole of its zinc derived additive products. Whether for its own R&D or on behalf of its customers, SILOX can carry out trials on an industrial or laboratory scale, utilising the following equipment:

1. Industrial mixers (internal and open)

2. Vulcanizing presses for the molding of plates and standardized parts, and production of components

3. Ventilated oven (aging)


4. Traction bench (mechanical properties, tears, Mullins traction ...)


5. Compression set measure equipment


6. Rheometer and Viscosimeter


7. Durometer (Shore and IRHD)


With these resources, SILOX's ambition is twofold:

To test the industrial suitability of its developments for optimized rubber vulcanization.

To allow clients to define and test customized formulations, combining responsiveness and confidentiality.


For further information, please contact:              

Jean-Pierre Evers

Sales Manager

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Tel. +32 4 273 93 30

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